Coralville Ridge Mall Location Remains Open for Hungry Hordes

Iowa City, IA – Zombie Burger + Shake Lab on the corner of Dubuque and Burlington Streets in Iowa City will close its doors on Saturday, February 3rd. The decision to discontinue service at this location will not impact the Zombie Burger in Coral Ridge Mall, or the sister properties in Des Moines, West Des Moines and Ankeny.

The closing marks the end of a yearlong experiment in a college town, explains Orchestrate Hospitality President Paul Rottenberg. “Our Shake Lab brands were built to test the Zombie Burger concept in various environments. While we thought building a Zombie Burger in the epicenter of a college town would be a slam dunk, it became clear that our high-volume, family-driven brand wasn’t a fit for the setting,” says Rottenberg. “Plus, with a successful restaurant at the Coral Ridge Mall, we may have overbuilt the market.”

Everything at Zombie Burger uses fresh, hand-made ingredients, an approach that requires more labor than a traditional fast-casual concept. This attention to detail means that high volume is needed for the establishment to be successful.

Orchestrate Hospitality is looking to sub-lease the 3,000 square foot space at Dubuque and Burlington Streets. The brand new, state-of-the-art restaurant shell will make an ideal home for a second generation user looking for an easy property to transform. The one year old equipment will also be for sale. “We believe this is a great location for a number of users. The landlord and the community have been wonderful. It just wasn’t a great fit for our brand,” explains Rottenberg.

Outstanding gift cards can be redeemed at any of Zombie Burger’s other locations. Visit for more information.

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